An Essential piece of equipment for analytic labs, hospitals,
R & D centres, universities & pharmaceutical industries.

1. Body
16 SWG, Stainless Steel, AISI-304
2. Doors
Two way door, dirty side & clean side specially designed closure hinges & silicon rubber gaskets.
3. Insulation
Rock wool 100 mm thick.
4. Centrifugal Fan
Electrically operated air circulation fan made of S.S AISI 304, seam welded.
5. Dampers
Inlet, outlet & explosion proof panel for vent.
6. Safety
Automatic interlocking system prevents:-
i.  Simultaneous opening of both doors.
ii. No-air- No heating
iii. Motor overload protection
iv. Over current & over voltage safety.
7. Heaters
Interchangeable electric heaters in Stainless Steel.
8. Finishers
The total unit made of Stainless Steel AISI 304, matt finish.

Cycle of Operation
The sterilizer is programmable through PLC. The sterilizer will start with all dampers in close position. The heaters would come into the circuit & heat the load. The fan would circulate the air during heating & sterilizing cycle. The outlet damper would automatically open at the pre heating phase. At the end of sterilization the cooling phase would start. In this situation both the dampers would be opened & air would be aspirated through HEPA Filter to cool down the load. The OIU would prompt the end of the cycle status allowing operator to open the clean side door.

PLC based unit comprises of:-
Operator Interface unit (OIU). For display of pre-set temperature, time & status of sterilizer.
Temperature Recorder ( 40-20 milli Amperes) Picks data from PLC & plots on the graph.
Automatic Door Interlocking Mechanism- Through PLC

Hot Air Sterilizers Standard Models
Model TK1 TK2 TK3 TK3
Volume LT 1000 1500 2000 2500
A mm 1650 1850 2000 2200
B mm 1050 1200 1350 1500
C mm 1000 1150 1300 1450
D mm 1310 1470 1650 1800
E mm 950 1100 1150 1150
F mm 1160 1310 1370 1370
G mm 1370 1520 1680 1680

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