Multi-Stage Water Distillers

Pharma & Chemical Industries.
Hospitals & Clinics.
Universities & Research Institutes


1. Extra pure sterile pyrogen free distilled water.
2. All contact parts made in AISI-316L Stainless Steel.
3. Retention of any non distilled water & elimination vis taps.
4. Pasteurization of water between 120-130 Degrees C before distillation.
5. All parts are easily accessible for servicing.
6. Economic production due to lower steam consumption.
7. Distilled water produced at 95 Degrees C.

General Description
Extra pure distilled water is essential for Production of the fine chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, particularly injectibles. AQUATECH distillation units have been specially designed to do the required job using multi-effect principle of evaporation.

The multi-stage distillation unit comprises of a series of evaporators (2-5) in a sequence of steps at decreasing pressure & temperature employing steam produced by the preceding stage.

The first stage is heated by an external source of energy (steam, electricity or gas). The steam released by the last stage is condensed. The heat energy liberated is used to preheat the feed water.

Multistage distillation setup would produce distilled water to the quantity of heat supplied to the first stage multiplied by the number of columns.

The extra purity of the distilled water by AQUATECH is due to the large dimension of the evaporators & precise calculation of the steam velocity.
The Plant consists of the following major components.

1. Evaporators
They are multiple in number, each having diameter to suit the capacity. They are made from AISI-316 L Stainless Steel. Lower half of each evaporator consists of a shell & tubes, upper half contains sight glass, level controller, pressure gauges, pneumatically operated control valve & pyrogen trap.

2. Condenser
Two in number, shell & tube type in AISI 316L having size to suit the capacity. Upper condenser acts as a pre-heater & the lower one works as clean steam condenser.

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Technical Data
Number of Stages
Steam heating pressure
Output Litre/hr
Electrical heating
Steam heating
Cooling Water
3 bars
50 Lit.
22 KW/hr
34 Kg/h
250 Lt/hr
3 bars
100 Lit.
42 KW/hr
65 Kg/h
500 Lt/hr
3 bars
200 Lit.
64 KW/hr
130 Kg/h
1000 Lt/hr
4 bars
250 Lit.
68 KW/hr
106 Kg/h
833 Lt/hr
6 bars
500 Lit.
136 KW/hr
210 Kg/h
1250 Lt/hr
8 bars
1000 Lit.
270 KW/hr
415 Kg/h
2000 Lt/hr
8 bars
2000 Lit.
540 KW/hr
830 Kg/h
4000 Lt/hr

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