WFI Jacketed Storage Vessels

FD&C has designed a range of WFI Jacketed Storage Vessels for storage of Water For Injection in hot/cold conditions equipped with all sanitary fittings required in such applications.

General Description
The standard vessels have working volume from 100 up to 6000 liters. All internal parts are made of stainless steel AISI-316. The vessels are designed and manufactured for 4 bar over pressure. Internal surface are bright polished to a surface of 400 grits and outer surface are polished to a surface of 300 grits.

All vessels are designed for sterilized area.

WFI vessels contains

  • Pressure guage 0-4 bar G
  • Level indicator
  • Digital Temperature meter in Celcius.
  • Analogue Temperature meter in Degree Celcuis
  • Um Filter housing with filter
  • Rotating/Non-rotating Spray ball 316.
  • Sanitary pipe with bends and ferules
  • Bottom drain including butterfly valve
  • Triclover clamp
  • Silicon gasket.
  • Aluminum Stairs

How Storage Vessel utilized?

  • Two float Switches are used to control the water storage system
      1. Low Limit Switch
      2. High Limit Switch.

    • Low limit switch i.e at the bottom of vessel, starts the DI water recycling pump.
    • High limit switch starts/stops the Distillation plant automatically.
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