What FD&C Compactor can do?
Densifying powders to increase density
Granulating material to avoid caking during storage
Elimination of wet granulation process
Elimination of wetting agents and subsequent drying
Improving product flow properties

How FD&C Compactor works?
Powder to be compacted is fed to the hopper. The hopper has an agitator which gives feed to screw feeders. The screw feeder feeds the desired quantity of powder to compacting rolls. The compacting rolls compact the powder. The degree of compaction depends on the hydraulic pressure applied to rolls. The applied pressure is controlled and adjusted according the nature of the product. The rolls are provided with a cooling arrangement which can be connected to in-house water/ chilled water supply. Depending on the roll surface the output from the rolls may be continuous sheet or sticks. The surface could be passe through a lum breaker, mill and a granulator to give an end product of desired quality.

Detailed Specifications .
Dimensions Width 1564 mm
. Depth 1215 mm
. Height 2318 mm
. .
Power Requirement .
Rolls Motor 5HP, 980RPM,
. TEFC 50 Hz, 3 Phase with
. speed control
Granulator & Communiting Machine 1HP, 1400 RPM, TEFC, 50 Hz,
3 Phase
Screw Feeder 1HP, 1400 RPM, TEFC, 50 HZ,
. 3 Phase with speed control
Agitator 1/2 HP, 1400 RPM, TEFC,
. 50 Hz, 3 Phase with speed control
. .
Transmission Rolls, Warm Gear set
. Agitator Helical Gear
. Screw Feeder Warm Gear
. .
Compaction Rolls .
Shape Pocketed Grooved
. Smooth
. Full Grooved
. Circumferential Grooved
Material Stainless Steel
Hopper Approximately 40 litre capacity in
. AISI 316 Stainless steel
. .
Hydraulic System Manual Hydraulic Pump, and
. Hydraulic Cylinder to provide
. maximum of 20 tons rolls force.

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